Wisdom tooth removal & RCT

An impacted tooth can lead to an infection called pericoronitis. If untreated, this infection can spread to the throat or into the neck. Impacted teeth also can get cavities. An impacted tooth can push on the neighboring molar. This can lead to tooth movement, decay or gum disease. It also can change the way your teeth come together. Rarely, impacted teeth can cause cysts or other growths in the jaw.

A2Z dental solutions is at your help to remove your hurting wisdom tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatment In Chandkheda


- Swelling of the gum in the back of your mouth

- Difficulty opening your jaw

- Bad breath

- A bad taste in the mouth

- Pain when you open your mouth

- Pain when chewing or biting

- Treatment

If it pains first time pain relievers help. If the tooth continues to cause pain, is infected or interferes with nearby teeth, the usual treatment is to take it out. In some cases, an infection requires antibiotics.

After the surgery you may have swelling of the cheeks and jaw. It may be hard to eat certain foods. Follow our instructions carefully for the best recovery.

An impacted tooth may not bother you or affect nearby teeth. In this case, you won't need immediate treatment. However, we probably will recommend that the tooth be taken out to avoid future problems.

Many times wisdom teeth are erupted fully and are carious. So they can be saved by root canal treatment. Our doctors have special high end instruments to save your wisdom which is erupted and fully grown.