Tooth jewellery

They shine brightly, splashing bright rays around them and emphasizing the natural whiteness of enamel and add sparkle to a smile. They are bonded to tooth without pain, infection, drilling. They do not interfere with oral hygiene maintenance but if composite resin margins are not polished there is more plaque accumulation and possibility of caries.

Tooth jewellery may get deboned if more stress is applied at bonding interface due to hard brushing, eating sticky and hard foods.

We provide Swarovski tooth crystals with ten colors which are resistant to color.Swarovski is a brand of gems with there high end precision diamonds and gems. Is the application of dental jewellery painful? The procedure to fit a tooth gem is very quick and painless. You should not experience any pain either during or after the procedure.

How long does teeth jewellery last?

The gems will last as long as the patient wants them to. Some people want jewels for a specific event or celebration, while others want them as a long-term addition to their look.

Will the gems damage my teeth?

Having gems attached to your teeth should not damage the existing tooth structure as long as the jewellery is fitted properly.

What happens if I want my jewel removed?

If you decide you no longer want a jewel in your tooth, then visit us so that we can remove it. Do not try to remove the jewel yourself, as this could damage the tooth